Something In The Water

​Inform​ation for residents and visitors.
Something in the Water, the new art, music and culture festival (April 26-28), coincides with College Beach Weekend. With programming stretching from Rudee Loop to the Convention Center to 31st Street, organizers expect crowds similar to those we typically see for the 4th of July — only for three days instead of one.

Logistics for Locals: Community Preparation Meeting to Be Held April 8; Will Be Live-Streamed on and Facebook

The City is teaming with the festival organizers to make sure residents in and near the Resort Area know what to expect and can plan accordingly. A public meeting will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center (1000 19th Street) on Monday, April 8, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Topics to be discussed include:
    • Traffic
    • Parking
    • Safety
    • Access for Oceanfront residents, hotel guests, employees of businesses
    • Where to get information
    • Human Rights Commission Observer Program

Residents living in or near the Oceanfront, Resort Area businesses and their employees are encouraged to attend or tune in by going to or and click on the "video" link.

Be In The Know​​
  •​ will be the central source for news and updates.​
  • ​Like last year, information is being mailed to residents and businesses in the 23451 zip code. A copy of the postcard is available in the right-hand column. 
  • Organizers are working with businesses, civic leagues and management associations to maintain access for businesses and residents near the festival footprint along Atlantic Ave. Direct any access-related questions to

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