Practice Safe Cyber

Staying safe in our cyber-connected world is a constant challenge. Threats are everywhere: scammers, hackers, predators and thieves are actively working to steal personal information, access accounts and take advantage of people. We want to assist residents in their efforts to protect themselves and their families online by practicing safe cyber. The City's Cyber Security Awareness campaign is an ongoing initiative throughout the year. Each month will focus on a different cyber security theme and information will be posted here, and on the City's social media platforms. We will work with our local community groups, schools, law enforcement and military partners, business associations and media outlets to help spread the word. There will be something here for everyone: young and not-so-young, parents, teens, small business owners. Virginia Beach is safest in crime. Let's be safest online by practicing safe cyber.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Do a Digital De-Clutter This Spring

Delete2.jpgJust as many of us engage in spring cleaning around our homes, the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Better Business Bureau encourage everyone to make ‘digital spring cleaning” an annual ritual to help protect valuable personal data. 

Spring cleaning your online life is a relatively simple process and a few easy, actionable tips will help you stay cyber safe and protect your personal data and identity. 

  • Keep a clean machine: Ensure all software on internet-connected devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets) are up to date to reduce risk of infection from malware. 
  • Lock down your login: Fortify your online accounts and enable the strongest authentication tools available, such as security keys or a unique, one-time code through an app on your mobile device.
  • Declutter your mobile life: Delete unused apps and keep others current, including the operating system on your mobile devices.
  • Do a digital file purge: Perform a good, thorough review of your online files, just as you do for paper files. Clean up your email by saving only those that you really need and unsubscribe to email you no longer need or want to receive. Back up your data by copying it to a secure cloud site or another computer/drive for safe storage. 
  • ​Know what devices to digitally “shred”: Besides computers and mobile phones, remember that external hard drives, USBs, flash drives, and office equipment such as copiers, printers and fax machines all contain valuable personal information. Find local e-recycling locations or events to dispose of old devices. 
  • Clear out stockpiles: Wipe and destroy unneeded hard drives as soon as possible.
  • ​Empty your trash: Empty the trash or recycle bin on all devices and permanently delete old files using a program that deletes the data, “wipes” it from your device, and overwrites it so that it cannot be retrieved.  
Source: Stop.Think.Connect.​ ​​​​

The City of Virginia Beach is a National Cyber Security Awareness Champion

1.png​​​The National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) Champion program is a way to officially show your support. Champions represent those dedicated to promoting a safer, more secure and more trusted internet. Being a Champion is easy and does not require any financial support.  

NCSAM Champions include companies and organizations of all sizes, schools and school districts, colleges and universities, nonprofits, government organizations and individuals​. Information on how to become a National Cyber Security Awareness Champion can be found at the Stay Safe Online website​. ​ 

Practice Safe Cyber: Beware of the Phishy Email