Plants and Natural Landscapes

​​​​Beach Vitex

Beach vitex is a deciduous woody non-native plant, which can sprawl more than 60 feet across the ground, crowding out native dune plants and altering sea turtle nesting areas. Click here to learn more about beach vitex and how you can stop its spread

Live Oak Trees

Live oak trees are the official tree of Virginia Beach. Click here to learn more about live oak trees.

Meadow Management

Meadow management limits woody vegetation growth while allowing grassy, native vegetation to become established. Click here to learn more about how meadow management works.

Sand Dunes

Sand dunes are a natural storm barrier and provide a foundation for ecosystems made up of a wide variety of coastal plant and animal life. Click here to learn more about sand dunes.

Urban Forestry

The urban forest of Virginia Beach consists of every single tree in the city on both public and private property. The benefits of a strong urban forest include cleaner air and water, cooler temperatures, and energy savings. To manage our urban forest, Virginia Beach adopted the Urban Forest Management Plan in 2014.


Wetlands are the transition area between aquatic and terrestrial habitats, and are primary low, marshy areas with soils that support unique plant and animal life. Click here​ to learn more about the benefits of wetlands.​

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