The City of Virginia Beach is closely monitoring the developing coastal storm. It is anticipated that the storm will cause higher than normal tide cycles. This may result in flooding of low lying areas of the Lynnhaven Basin. Properties lower than four feet above sea level are most vulnerable include: Bay Colony, Bay Island, BirdneckLynnhaven Colony, Ocean Park and Thalia​.

Possible impacts to coastal and low lying areas of Virginia Beach may include: 
  • ​Rain prediction remains at +1 inch
  • Wind gusts slightly reduced to reaching 45 mph
  • Storm surge reduced to +2 feet
  • Wave height slightly reduced on Atlantic to reaching 10 feet, but holding at up to 6 feet in the Bay
  • Possible tidal flooding up to elevation +4 feet above sea level
  • Frozen precipitation possibility reduced to trace at most 
The City of Virginia Beach asks citizens keep informed of current and forecast weather conditions by listening to local television and radio stations. Emergency preparedness information is available on the city’s website at:​
LAST UPDATED: 03/05/2013 19:00