LGBTQ Employment Opportunities

​​​​​​​​​​​Respect for LGBT employees is clearly demonstrated by the inclusiveness of policies in place here in the City of Virginia Beach. Our city prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation in our hiring policies, and we believe that it is a fundamental principle that employees should be judged on their ability to perform the responsibilities of their position, and not who they are or whom they love. As such, our organization requires inclusion and diversity training for every staff member that includes LGBT specific discussion.

We welcome you to apply for our open positions, and we hope to see you at some of recruiting events for the community, including our recruiting booth each year at Hampton Roads Pride events. Once on board, please join our LGBT+ Gay Straight Alliance, that is working towards providing better services and resources for our LGBT employees and the overall community of Virginia Beach. For more information on open positions, and to read our Equal Employment Opportunity policy, please click the Employment Opportunities Link Below.

Healthcare Benefits include resources for Transgender Employees. For details on coverage, interested employees should visit with their physician to discuss the clinical criteria with Optima Health. ​​​​​

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