Open Data

​​​​​​​​In order to continue its efforts to be as transparent and accountable to the citizens of Virginia Beach, the City has created this Open Data portal to provide the public direct access to its data assets. In March of 2015, the City of Virginia Beach launched its first open data initiative with the release of Open Budget. Since that time, the City has continued on a path of developing an open data program intended to provide community members with unfettered access to data and information produced by their City. The Open Data portal is the next step in this process by providing citizens with organized access to City data in raw formats and with open licenses, making it easier for people to work together, conduct analysis, and extrapolate new insights. 

The City has adopted a number of data governance documents which are intended to guide the open data inventory, publication, management, and improvement processes. The administrative directive establishes the City’s open data board and delineates roles and responsibilities throughout the organization. The terms of use identifies the City’s legal obligations related to the open data portal and the responsibilities of the end users of the data. Finally, the dataset schedule identifies the datasets that have been released on the portal as well as those which are in various stages of the pre-publication process. These documents are available below:​