Mayor Congratulates Virginia Beach’s Gabby Douglas

Friday, August 03, 2012

Yesterday, a new hero entered the Virginia Beach history books. Her name is Gabby Douglas and she has made every resident of our great city very, very proud.


Watching Gabby fly through the air, with such grace and poise and courage – and only 16 years old! – it makes anyone choke up and smile. I can’t help but admire someone so young and talented – someone who overcame so many challenges and yet kept up such a grueling training regimen. Gabby, we are your biggest fans!


In Virginia Beach, we’ve grown accustomed to the sight of Navy jets flying overhead. But I don’t think we’ll ever grow tired of watching this Flying Squirrel in our midst!


Gabby, on behalf of every resident of the city of Virginia Beach, congratulations! You’ve made an entire city proud! Good luck with the rest of the Games. We look forward to seeing you when you get home to Virginia Beach!