Police Acquire Heat Seeking Image Camera to Save Lives and Locate Criminals

Friday, July 27, 2012

On a recent Saturday night, around 8:30 p.m., with darkness setting in, Sergeant Minehan responded to a boater in distress call at Munden Point Park.  Standing on shore using the newly acquired handheld FLIR Thermal Imager Camera, he was able to pick up two heat sources approximately 500 yards off shore.  He coordinated efforts with the Marine and Air Units to the location the FLIR camera’s heat images picked. 

The police units located the lost boaters and returned to shore.


As stated by Sergeant Minehan, “In one day on the street, this piece of equipment has already proven its value to patrol units.  This device will be extremely helpful in area searches of suspects, missing/endangered persons, Alzheimer patients, boaters/swimmers in distress, and anything else that produces heat such as car engines, tire tracks, footprints, and handprints.  This new tool will enhance the officer’s ability to locate criminals and save lives of missing or lost people.”