Youth And Police Unite

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

​The Virginia Beach Police Department and the art program at the Renaissance Academy have joined together in positive outreach effort to build a stronger relationship between the youth community and the Police Department. Art students from the Renaissance Academy were enthusiastic to participate in the project. They were given only limited instructions as they utilized their creativity to product a positive mural entitled, “It Takes Us All.” Those who have seen the mural have had nothing but extremely positive comments pertaining to the artistic skills of the students and the positive visional image that speaks to this student’s optimistic view of our community.


The Virginia Beach Police Department is extremely grateful to these students for working with us on this outreach effort and we believe that this supports the continued efforts made between the Police Department and community. It is appropriate that the students named the mural “It Takes Us All” for it is the Mission of the Virginia Beach Police Department to partner with the community in our continued effort to make Virginia Beach a Community for a Life Time.


The mural will hang in the lobby of the Second Precinct located at 820 Virginia Beach Boulevard as a testament to the cooperative relationship between the Virginia Beach Police Department and the community.