Free Water Refills at More Than 20 Virginia Beach Shops and Restaurants

Monday, July 02, 2012

With recent temperatures pushing 100 degrees, it’s important to stay hydrated. More than 20 Virginia Beach shops and restaurants are helping citizens do just that.  Anyone who brings a reusable water bottle into one of these participating locations can get free – yes, free! – tap water refills.


Red Star Tavern, Azar’s Café, The Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt Bar and more have all partnered with TapIt, a network of café and shop owners across 28 states committed to providing clean drinking water to people on the go.

Not only is their participation helping citizens stay cool and save some money, it’s also helping to keep our city clean. “More than
20 billion plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year and plastic is not biodegradable, so they’ll stick around for hundreds of years,” said Tiffany Wright, media and communications coordinator for the Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities.  “Those bottles that don’t make it to landfills end up on the side of the road, in parks and in our waterways.”

here to view the complete list of Virginia Beach shops and restaurants offering free water refills.  A free smartphone app is also available for download, making it even easier to find water on the go.

For more information, contact Tiffany Wright with Public Utilities at (757) 385-4948.