Plan for a Fun Day in Virginia Beach – Tips To Avoid Losing a Child

Monday, June 25, 2012

With the upcoming Independence Day holiday, the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services wishes to remind families of some safety tips to help avoid the occurrence of lost children.  Every day, children become separated from their families in shopping malls, parks, beaches and other crowds. Here are a few tips to help keep families together.

Have a plan.  Take a few minutes to discuss staying together when in crowds.  Ask all family members to help develop a plan about what to do if separated. For example, while on the beach, children who get separated should go to the nearest lifeguard stand. That will start a process to reunite families. With older children, designate a time and place to meet or a firm time to check in by cell phone.

Take a photo.  Most cell phones now include a camera. Take a picture of children at the start of the outing.  If a child does become separated, the photograph could be helpful to officials in finding him or her.

Find-A-Kid Program. The Virginia Beach Hotel/Motel Association has a helpful program to promote a safe and secure stay. In its 13th season, the Find-A-Kid hotel security wristband program is offered by several Oceanfront hotels.  Children age 10 or younger are given special hotel ID wristbands that can help reunite them with their families if they wander off.

Have a safe and happy time in Virginia Beach!

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