Officers Receive Class Act Awards

Monday, June 04, 2012

​In the early morning hours of April 24, a lone clerk at the Sun Dial Motel was robbed at gunpoint.  The suspects fled the scene and officers were dispatched.  Officers arrived on scene and obtained the necessary information from the victim and witnesses.  The suspects and their vehicle were observed and followed onto I-264 west.  A traffic stop was initiated and two suspects were taken into custody.  There were two unseen suspects hiding in the backseat.  The remaining suspects sped from the seat after jumping into the front seat.  A short pursuit ensued and spikes were deployed in an attempt to stop the vehicle.  Eventually, these two remaining suspects were also apprehended after a foot pursuit and one suspect jumped into a body of water.

In all, four suspects were arrested in connection to the robbery.  The officers responded in a quick manner and with no injuries to any of the officers or citizens, were able to take armed criminals and guns off the streets.  

Great Job by Officers Anoia, Minter, Butler, Coleman, Eason, Jones, Canning, and Keatley are pictured left to right. (Officer K. Buechner is not pictured)

On May 2, MPO Colley learned that a runaway from Fairfax County was living with a 23-year-old male in an apartment in his patrol area.   MPO Colley was determined to locate the runaway and return her to her family.  During his investigation, the officer learned that one resident was wanted on felony charges in another city and another resident was a sex offender.  MPO Colley put together an operational plan and successfully located the runaway, apprehended the wanted subject and is attempting to violate the sex offender through State Police.   Great Job!

On April 22, Officers Pittman and Parrish while patrolling, observed several suspects behind a business in dark clothing.  They initially lost sight of the group but then came into contact with one of the suspects; the other suspects fled the area.  The officers cleared the scene and almost immediately dispatchers received a call indicating someone had been shot inside one of the buildings the suspects had originally been seen near.  Officers Pittman and Parrish located evidence, directed K9 units resulting in the recovery of firearms, and effectively secured a crime scene.  According to a detective, due to the proactive police work done by both officers, it produced the first major lead in the investigation.  Another outstanding job by Officers! (Officer S. Parrish not pictured)