Oceanfront Safety for Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Skateboarders

Thursday, May 24, 2012

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, the Virginia Beach Police Department is preparing for our summer operations at the Oceanfront.  The City of Virginia Beach welcomes roughly 3 million visitors to our city each year.  The vast majority visit the resort area between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.  One of the many missions of the Police Department, especially at the oceanfront, is to provide the safest possible environment for our residents and visitors. 

Officers will focus on the growing number of people riding bicycles and skateboards at the oceanfront. We have listed some of the bike and skateboarding codes, some of which only apply to the resort area.  This is especially important in our summer season because of the amount of pedestrian traffic.  One of the biggest concerns police have observed in the past several weeks are people riding skateboards and bicycles on the sidewalks of Atlantic Avenue which is strictly prohibited year round.  There is also a major problem with bicyclists riding in the trolley lanes against the flow of traffic.  This is a major concern and safety issue for the bus drivers and emergency vehicles that operate in the trolley lanes, not to mention drivers making right turns onto the side streets. 

Skateboards are not allowed east of Pacific Avenue especially on the Boardwalk where they create a major safety risk to pedestrians (i.e. if they lose control of their board and strike someone.)  Bicyclists are not allowed on the boardwalk and need to remain on the designated bike path.

Sec.7-59. - Regulations pertaining to riding on city sidewalk and bicycle paths other than the resort area.  

Sec. 7-59.1. - Regulations pertaining to riding wheeled devices or vehicles in the resort area

Sec. 7-59.2 – Regulations pertaining to riding on the beach or the boardwalk

Sec. 7-59.3. – Regulations pertaining to riding wheeled devices or vehicles on the grassy area or bicycle path adjacent to the boardwalk and oceanfront parks and plazas.

46.2-800 Riding bicycles, electric personal assistive mobility devices, electric power-assisted bicycles or mopeds; riding or driving animals.