Public Works Announces Completion of 1st Street Public Restroom

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Public Works has announced the completion of the public restroom – changing area facility at 1st Street, across from the Boardwalk near the entrance to Grommet Island Park.  Located on the old “Lighthouse Restaurant” area, the facility is 576 square feet and meets ADA guidelines for wheelchair access.


The project - part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program – came in under budget at $256,470 with no change orders.  Construction started on February 9 of this year, and was completed 35 days before the contracted completion date (June 30, 2011).


The general contractor was Riesbeck Contracting, Inc., and was constructed via a design-build contract.


The final inspection was Thursday, and contractors were in there first thing Friday morning, stocking and doing final clean-up so it could be officially opened to the public on Saturday morning.  The planned hours of operation will be from 6 am until 10 pm each day, with a male attendant on duty after dark due to the remote location at the end of the Boardwalk. 


Aaron Webb with Public Works was the project manager.