Virginia Beach Tourism Experienced Record 2011

Friday, March 02, 2012


The Virginia Beach Tourism Industry experienced a record 2011for overall lodging sales. The Convention and Visitors Bureau received statistics from the Commissioner of the Revenue that revealed significant increases in lodging sales and related tax revenue in 2011 for the hospitality industry.

“The tourism industry has had back-to-back record years,” said James B. Ricketts, director of the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We credit this success to product development and aggressive market segment diversification.”

Visitor spending on overnight accommodations (including hotels, cottages, campgrounds and timeshare/condo rentals) is the best indicator of the overall health of the city’s tourism industry. Statistics demonstrate that lodging sales, including Sandbridge lodging and campgrounds sales and related tax revenue, were at an all-time high.

Total citywide sales were more than $279 million – a 1.7 percent increase over 2010.

In addition, citywide restaurant sales, retail sales and amusement revenue were all up. Participatory sports were down somewhat. Restaurant sales were up citywide to more than $946 million – a 4 percent increase. Retail sales were up to more than $5.2 billion – a 2.5 percent increase. Amusement sales were up to more than $45 million – a 1.9 percent increase. Participatory sports sales were down to $15.9 million – a 6.2 percent decrease.

As previously reported, the 2011 Summer Overnight Profile of Virginia Beach revealed that the average household income was up to $92,982;, length of stay was 4.4 days, average party size was 4, and average spending per party was up to $1,969. Also, 91.4 percent of visitors plan to return, and more than 27 percent were first-time visitors.