City of Virginia Beach Shares School Funding Facts

Friday, February 17, 2012

In response to incorrect information in the community, the City of Virginia Beach has created a website with facts about school funding and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
The complete web page is here:
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are here:
Without excellent schools, Virginia Beach would not be the great city it is today.  Quality education touches every area that makes our community such a desirable place to live.  It prepares our children to make positive contributions to society.  It attracts companies who want to do business here with the promise of a well-educated workforce and excellent schools for employees’ children. And it enhances the value of our community through the direct link between good schools and residential property values.
In recognition of this, the Virginia Beach City Council spends more per pupil in local funds than any other city in Hampton Roads:


Virginia Beach




Newport News










The most important single fact is this:

  • Last year, the School Board requested $853 million in operating funds, and the City Council granted that request.  The schools budget was fully funded.
Today, the most pressing issues – for both the school system and the city – are retirement and health care costs. They are monstrously large, new requirements.  Combined, they account for an estimated $25 million of the schools’ $39 million budget gap.  Without these requirements, the gap would be far more manageable.
Finally, the city reminds residents: It is very early in the budget process. Nothing is set in stone. All funding and revenue questions are undecided.
We encourage all concerned residents to read as much as possible about the issue and to let all elected officials – City Council, School Board and General Assembly – know your views.
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School funding FAQ 2-13-12.pdfSchool funding FAQ 2-13-12.pdf