Commonwealth v. Marshall Demetrius Moyd; Judge Imposes 68-Year Sentence for Killing of Undercover Officer

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harvey L. Bryant, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, announced today that Marshall Demetrius Moyd, 30 years old, previously residing in the 900 block of S. Clubhouse Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was formally sentenced today by Circuit Court Judge Patricia L. West on charges of First Degree Murder, Robbery, Possession of a Sawed Off Shotgun, and two (2) counts of Use of a Firearm.    Moyd was found guilty by a jury after a seven-day trial in October 2011. Today, Judge West imposed the jury’s recommended sentence of 68 years in prison. 

The Commonwealth’s evidence proved that on August 7, 2008, Virginia Beach Special Investigations Detectives were conducting a “buy/bust” operation in the Green Run Shopping Center in Virginia Beach.    The detectives had arranged through a confidential informant to purchase one-half pound of marijuana from an individual by the nickname of “Pep”.  “Pep” was later identified as Marshall Demetrius Moyd.  The Virginia Beach Special Investigations Team consisted of three teams of multiple officers, each assigned different responsibilities.  Detective Michael Phillips was undercover and wore a body wire and duty weapon, which were concealed. He also possessed $675.00 in cash to purchase the marijuana.  Detective Phillips contacted Moyd and they agreed to meet near the 7-Eleven in the Green Run Shopping Center.   Moyd entered Detective Phillips’ undercover truck wearing a backpack and stated that he did not have the marijuana on him but that he would return with it.

One of the Special Investigative teams spotted Moyd talking with a second man, later identified as Ted Carter. Moyd and Carter spoke for about ten (10) minutes before Moyd returned to Detective Phillips’ truck. Carter was seen entering a Chevy Tahoe and driving towards the shopping center.  Meanwhile, Moyd informed Detective Phillips that “his man” was bringing the marijuana.  Moments later, Carter parked the Tahoe to the left of Detective Phillips at which time Detective Phillips asked Moyd, “Is this your man?”   Carter then exited the Tahoe, approached Detective Phillips, and opened fire on him using a .40 caliber handgun.   Carter shot Detective Phillips at least three times without provocation and without warning.   Moyd jumped out of Detective Phillips’ car and ran to the Tahoe.  He attempted to drive away but was stopped after two of the Special Investigative teams rammed the Tahoe.   Moyd fled into nearby woods where he was soon arrested.  A sawed off shotgun he admitted having was found nearby.  Carter was detained at the scene while grabbing money from the floor of Detective Phillips’ truck.  Attempts to revive Detective Phillips by officers on the scene were unsuccessful and he died as a result of the gunshot wounds. 


The Chevy Tahoe was later discovered to belong to a relative of Moyd.  The backpack worn by Moyd in his initial encounter with Detective Phillips was recovered from the Tahoe, a ski mask and latex glove inside. Carter, Moyd, both of their residences, and the Tahoe were searched by Virginia Beach police and K-9 units with the Norfolk Police Department.  No marijuana was ever recovered.  When interviewed by detectives with the Virginia Beach Police Department, Moyd denied plotting anything other than a drug deal. “Carter and Moyd came to a drug deal with nothing but guns,” Bryant said. 


There was no evidence that Carter and Moyd knew Phillips was a police officer until they were informed by arresting officers. 


Ted Vincent Carter pled guilty to Capital Murder, Robbery, and two (2) counts of Use of a Firearm and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Marshall Moyd’s prior record consists of convictions for Brandishing a Firearm, Alter/Remove Serial Number from a Firearm, and Possession of Marijuana. 


Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Bryant, Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin D. Stolle, and Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Phillip Hollowell prosecuted the case.  Please call Macie Pridgen if additional information is desired.