News Release: UPDATED: 2:30 p.m. — Road Conditions and Facility Closures Due to Flooded Roadways

Thursday, November 12, 2020

​Please be advised the following facilities and/or roadways have been closed/blocked or are impassable due to flooding. This list will be updated as we receive information about roadways you need to avoid due to flooding hazards.

Please remember:

  • If you are driving through any standing water, please go slow so as not to push water into people's homes and businesses.
  • Windshield wipers on equals headlights on. It's the law.
  • If you cannot see the pavement in front of you due to standing water, do not drive through it. You have no idea how deep the water is or what hazards may be unseen. Turn around…don't drown.

For up-to-date traffic conditions, download the free Waze app for iOS or Android at

  • Bow Creek Recreation Center is closed due to flooded roads in surrounding area.
  • 21st Street at Mediterranean Avenue
  • Barberton Drive at Old Virginia Beach Road
  • Dam Neck Road at Harpers Road
  • Dam Neck at Southcross Drive
  • Deer Park Drive at Brookbridge Road
  • Dillon Drive at Continental Street
  • Edwin Drive at Gleneagle Drive
  • Edwin Drive at Masters Avenue
  • Gannet Run at Huntsman Drive
  • Great Neck Road North at Tanglewood Trail
  • Greenwich Road between Newtown Road and Witchduck Road
  • Hannibal Street at Country Club Circle
  • Haygood Road at Perth Lane
  • Horn Pont Road at Muddy Creek Road
  • Independence Blvd. South at Salem Road
  • Indian River Road New Bridge Road
  • Kings Lake Drive at Oxford Drive
  • Lakecrest Road at Riverbend Road
  • Laskin Road at Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center
  • Nanneys Creek Road at Charity Neck Road
  • New Bridge Road at Indian River Road
  • Oceana Blvd. at Bells Road
  • Plaza Trail South at Old Forge Road
  • Potters Road at Air Station Drive
  • Princess Anne Road at Elson Green Avenue
  • Princess Anne Road at Holland Road
  • Princess Anne Road at Kempshire Lane
  • Salem Road at North Landing Road
  • Red Mill Blvd. at Agecroft Road
  • Rosemont Road South at Dahlia Drive
  • Rosemont Road South at Country Club Road
  • Salem Road at Elbow Road
  • Salem Road at North Landing
  • Sandbridge Road at Flanagans Lane
  • Sandbridge Road at Lotus Drive
  • Sandbridge Road at Oyster Bay Lane
  • Sandbridge Road at Banks
  • Seaboard Road at County Place
  • Seaboard Road at Princess Anne Road
  • South Blvd. at Maidstone Circle
  • Sullivan Blvd. at Westgrove Road South
  • Townfield Lane at Kerr Drive
  • Upton Drive at Nimmo Parkway
  • Upton Drive at Tennyson Road
  • Van Buren Drive at Presidential Blvd.
  • Wellsford Drive at Old Dam Neck Road             

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