Reporting NON-emergency crime

Thursday, March 19, 2020

​In the spirit of social distancing, the Virginia Beach Police Department is urging residents to use an online system to notify police of non-emergency crimes.


You can file Non-emergency crimes two ways:  

1)      Call 385-5000 and request non-emergency police services. You will speak to a Crime Reporting Officer, who will ask you questions pertaining to the crime. 

2)      Online reporting for the following crimes can be submitted via :

1. Larceny from vehicle – Property taken from a vehicle with a total value less than $500
2. Larceny – Property taken from a location other than a vehicle with a total value less than $500 (Include gas drive offs in this category)
3. Destruction of private property
4. Obscene Phone Call/Communication
5. Annoying Phone Calls/Harassing Communication

For emergencies, a crime in progress, or any incident in which someone was injured, please call 911