The Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission Wants to Fund Your Project!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

​The Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission in partnership with the Cultural Affairs Department is pleased to announce the Project Grant Application for Fiscal Year 2021 is now online and open to applicants. This grant is designed to support a wide variety of artistic, cultural and humanities-based activities. The grants provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations presenting qualifying activities and events between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The grants may cover up to 50% of the expenses on a qualifying project. All arts and humanities related organizations are invited to apply.

Supporting the infrastructure, innovation and growth of arts, cultural and humanities-based organizations is a high strategic priority in the Virginia Beach Arts Plan 2030. "The Cultural Affairs Department is committed to supporting ongoing growth and innovation in the arts and humanities, which are essential components to the quality of life and economic vitality of Virginia Beach," says the City's Cultural Affairs Director Emily Labows. 

Grants in fiscal year 2019 provided financial support to 20 nonprofit organizations producing content in Virginia Beach. Those 20 organizations presented 539 programs, reaching audiences of more than 487,000 people, and returned more than $247,600 in admission taxes and other revenues to the City of Virginia Beach. Attendance at arts events in Virginia Beach has repeatedly generated revenue for numerous ancillary businesses and the work of the commission helps to ensure that continues.

The Project Grant Application is now available at and is due by 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3, 2020. Funds must be used by June 30, 2021. The grant program is open to all organizations that are designated nonprofit or exempt from federal income tax under Section 501, which includes the 501(c)3 designation of the Internal Revenue Code, or units of government, or educational institutions, or local chapters of tax-exempt national organizations. The scope of the Commission is limited to organizations that have, as a stated purpose in their mission statement, the furtherance of the arts and humanities through the provision of programming and/or services. Eligible organizations may apply for projects designed with the purpose of providing high-quality experiences in the arts and humanities that take place in Virginia Beach, regardless of the location of the presenting organization. For programs where activities will extend beyond Virginia Beach, only the portion of activities taking place in Virginia Beach are eligible for funding. The project must be open to the public and publicized as such, to the greatest extent possible.

In partnership with the City of Virginia Beach's Cultural Affairs Department and the arts community, the Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission promotes excellence in the arts and humanities by initiating and supporting programs, activities and policies that inspire, nurture and reflect the cultural diversity of the area.

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