Virginia Beach Animal Control is Trying to Catch an Elusive Hound Dog

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

For more than 6 months, calls have been made by citizens to Emergency Communications regarding a stray dog located around the area of Lynnhaven Parkway and Sabre Street in the city of Virginia Beach. We believe the dog, a white and tan female hound mix, was adopted from a releasing agency to a residence in Virginia Beach back in December of 2018. Within days of being brought to her new home, she escaped and was not found. Due to the short amount of time she was with the new adopter, the dog did not form any bond with her new family that would assist us in catching her now.


After countless failed attempts to catch her with treats, toys, and kindness, Animal Control Officers decided to attempt using a humane dog trap. The trap was tried in a number of different locations, with a number of different baits used. The concept of any trap, is that the dog must have a desire for the bait and feel comfortable enough to enter the trap. This takes time, patience, and consistency. While using the humane dog trap it was found that citizens were dropping off food for the dog. We understand the intention is to help the dog, however, in the long run this causes the dog to not seek out the food in the trap. It is also believed that the dog entered the humane trap one time and was let out of the trap by a citizen, resulting in the dog not entering the trap again.


Animal Control Officers then sought out another solution, utilizing a "missy trap". Again this requires the dog to seek out the food bait in the trap, become comfortable and consistently visiting the area. Again citizens were found feeding the dog, causing the dog to become reliant of the handouts and not hungry for the food bait placed in the trap.


Recently the dog has become accustomed to sitting at the edge of Lynnhaven Rd near Sabre St, causing passerby's to leave food in the area for the dog. This high traffic area is dangerous for those citizens and for the dog. This has also caused more attention to be brought to the situation, causing more citizens to voice their concern and opinions.


Animal Control has tried for months to catch this dog, however due to actions out of our control this have been unsuccessful, and have caused the need for a more forceful plan.

The property that the dog is currently residing on is private property, and has been posted for NO TRESSPASSING by the property owner. The property owner wants the dog to be safely caught and is working with Animal Control to accomplish this. It is also illegal to litter, which includes leaving food or food containers on the property. Police and Animal Control will be patrolling the area regularly and violators will be held accountable.

Animal Control will be working with two animal advocacy groups in the area, Lost and Found Pets Hampton Roads and Lost and Found Pets Williamsburg, York County, James City County. They have made valuable resources available to us to monitor the dog and hopefully be able to catch her. Please be patient and understand that this process takes time and consistency. Which is why we ask that citizens to not feed her,  not approach her, and allow us to safely catch her.


Once the dog is caught she will be brought to Animal Control, evaluated by the shelter veterinarian, and our hope is that after her hold period is completed she will be placed up for adoption. We will also be sending out an update when she is caught to notify the public.


This case remains under investigation by Supervisor Meghan Conti as the lead investigator.