City of Virginia Beach Becomes First Locality Certified to Deliver its Own Construction Program

Approved under the Urban Construction Initiative Certification Program

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The City of Virginia Beach has become the first locality in Virginia to be approved under the Urban Construction Initiative (UCI) Certification Program. 

“We are excited that the City of Virginia Beach has become the first locality certified under this program,” said Commissioner Greg Whirley.  “The certification program is the first of its kind in Virginia and one of only a handful of similar efforts nationwide. This program demonstrates the commitment VDOT and localities have in partnering for transportation program delivery.”

The Urban Construction Initiative (also known as the First Cities Initiative) moves local administration from the project level to the program level, providing municipalities with the opportunity to manage their entire construction program. There are presently 13 cities and towns participating in UCI.

Established in 2003, UCI was a Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) led initiative, which resulted in changes to the Code of Virginia. Traditionally, cities identified construction projects, which VDOT would construct and the locality would then maintain. During the past several years, increasing emphasis has been placed on local administration of construction projects.

The UCI Certification Program, approved by the Federal Highway Administration for implementation in late 2009, is an opportunity for qualified UCI participating localities to proceed with delegated authority by VDOT for project administration and development with streamlined VDOT oversight on federal and state funded projects. Certification places greater responsibility and control over the urban construction program in the hands of the local government.

In order to qualify for this program localities must:

  • Demonstrate their ability to administer and deliver federally funded projects via a combination of projects from different federal funding sources and has accomplished this through the use of local or contracted resources.
  • Demonstrate that they have systems in place to support project and program development, and that they can carry out associated roles and responsibilities required by Federal regulations in thirteen core areas.

The City of Virginia Beach has successfully demonstrated their ability to deliver state and federally funded projects and will become the first locality to qualify under the certification process.

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