Is Your Teen Interested In Law Enforcement? The Cadet Challenge May Be For Them!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What is the Cadet Challenge?

The Virginia Beach Police Department is pleased to begin accepting applications for the 2019 Virginia Beach Police Cadet Challenge. This week long, full day program is designed for 10th through 12th grade students who have an interest in the Law Enforcement Profession and would benefit from training in a police recruit academy environment.  The program will be conducted at the Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA), and will be structured in a manner similar to that of the police academy. Physical fitness will be part of the program and it is expected that all Cadets participate in each day's physical training (PT) session.  Course instruction will be provided by veteran law enforcement officers, police executives, and other public safety subject matter experts in a variety of topics to include:

  • How to become a police officer
  • Situational awareness for personal safety
  • The concept and application of police discretion
  • CPR training
  • First Responder skills/scenarios
  • Physical Fitness and self-discipline
  • Team building and problem solving
  • Problem Based Learning Exercises


Law Enforcement Training Academy

411 Integrity Way

Virginia Beach, VA 23451



Course will be held daily from 0800 to 1600 from July 15, 2019 through July 19, 2019. 


We are seeking 10th through 12th grade Virginia Beach Public School students, who have received at least a "C" average on their most recent report card.  Students who do not meet these criteria may request a waiver from the School Resource Officer.

How do I apply?

Submit the attached application to your School Resource Officer through your school's main office. Your application packet must include:

  • Completed Application Page with an endorsement from a teacher or guidance counselor and your SRO
  • Signed Emergency Authorization and Liability Release
  • Signed Behavioral Contract Acknowledgement
  • Signed Photography/Video Release
  • A short written summary of why you want to attend the Police Cadet Youth Challenge and if you have participated before
  • Copy of your most recent report card

Your SRO will endorse the application and forward to the Community Engagement Unit Supervisor. The Community Engagement Unit Supervisor or her designee will notify you of your acceptance, or not, into the 2019 Virginia Beach Police Cadet Challenge.  Private or home schooled students can forward their applications to the Community Engagement Unit at:

Municipal Center Building #15

2441 Princess Anne Rd.

Virginia Beach, VA, 23456

Program Rules


Cadets will be required to read, sign, and have their parent/guardian endorse the attached code of conduct and liability waiver. While all activities will be scaled towards the age range of 13-17 years old, the buildings and locations are in use for official city business. The code of conduct establishes the behavior and interaction for people representing the cadet program and the Virginia Beach Police Department. 

  1. Cadets will adhere to the Virginia Beach Schools Code of Student Conduct, in addition to rules specific to this program.  
  2. Cadets are observers only and shall not engage in a dialogue or interact with citizens they encounter unless under the direction of a program supervisor.  
  3. Cadets will be required to report for class no later than 0800 every day and are required to remain with the program until the end of the day at 1600. Any exceptions to this must be granted by the program supervisor.
  4. This is a multi-faceted program, and will involve classroom training, off site field trips, as well as scenario based and physical training.  Cadets are required to participate fully in the program.  Fitness is a critical component of law enforcement, the cadets will engage in physical training at the end of several days training.
  5.  Any illness or injury is to be reported immediately to the program supervisor.
  6. Cadets must bring their lunch and a snack every day.
  7. Cadets are required to obey all directions of the program supervisors and are not to leave the classroom or the group during scenarios without the express permission of the supervisor.
  8. Cell phones, tablets, portable games, laptop computers, and other media devices will not be permitted during the activities. Students may check these items at breaks.
  9. Cadets shall not take photos during the program. Photos will be taken by staff and made available via a shared media site.

Dress Code


The Virginia Beach Police Cadet Challenge Dress Code is designed to allow for professional appearance while maintaining an environment conducive to learning.  Each cadet will wear khaki pants and be provided with the shirt that is to be worn while the program is in session.  Clothing that advertises alcohol or illegal substances, depicts lewd graphics, displays offensive or obscene language, or is otherwise inappropriate for minors is not permitted to be worn on campus.  Because of the active role cadets will be engaging in, refrain from wearing shoes that could pose a safety hazard or interfere with your participation.  If you elect to wear dress shoes, bring athletic shoes for the PT sessions. ​