Consumers Now Have Website Access to Virginia Beach Hotel/Motel Inspection Reports

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health has launched a new website that will provide consumers access to Health Department inspection reports for Virginia Beach hotels, motels and bed & breakfast businesses. Prior to this, only Virginia Beach restaurant inspection reports were available. The link for the new inspection reports is:

The site is set up like the restaurant inspection site and includes inspections for hotels, motels and B&Bs going back five years. The restaurant site began about seven years ago and has been a great success. Requests for inspection reports on various hotels and motels have increased over the years. This website will allow easy access for the public. The inspection reports separate the violations into critical, non-critical, and repeat violations, along with the rooms where violations were observed.

The Virginia Beach Hotel/Motel Task Force inspects every hotel, motel and bed & breakfast annually. The inspections are completed prior to May 31 (Memorial Day). The task force is made up of the Health Department, Fire Department and Code Enforcement, a division of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation. The new website will only provide inspection reports from the Health Department. Reports from the Fire Department and Code Enforcement will not be part of this website.

If you have any further questions or comments, please call the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health at (757) 518-2646.