VB Public Works Crews to Collect Water Samples in Ashville Park

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced that crews will be turning on the pumps at Ashville Park on Friday, January 11, 2019, at 10 a.m. so that they can collect stormwater samples during an active pumping operation.

The sample collection is part of the Ashville Bridge Creek Stormwater Quality Monitoring Project as part of their stormwater quality evaluation for the Ashville Bridge Creek Watershed.  The monitoring evaluation is part of the process to improve the quality of Ashville Bridge Creek and its watershed by helping better understand the concentrations of stormwater pollutants in various locations representing different land use types.

The pumping will take place at the intersection of Ashville Park Boulevard and Flanagan’s Lane and will last approximately 15 minutes.  A VB Public Works Operations crew will manage the pumping operation while the stormwater samples will be collected by Brown & Caldwell, the City’s contractor.

The Ashville Bridge Creek Watershed is located in the Southern Rivers Watershed of Virginia Beach, and is part of the larger Albemarle Sound Estuary.  It drains south through Shipps Bay/North Bay, Back Bay and into the Currituck Sound, and extends from the north, just south of Birdneck Road, to the south, just north of Pleasant Ridge Road. The land and waterbodies that flow through the Ashville Bridge Creek Watershed make up approximately 65,000 acres.