Commonwealth v. Sarah Mary Krmpotich; Woman to Serve 10 Years for Injecting Man with Heroin, Multiple Drug Possession Charges

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth's Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, announced that Sarah Mary Krmpotich, 40 years old, formerly of the 600 block of Red Horse Lane in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was sentenced today for charges of Involuntary Manslaughter, Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule I/II Drug, four (4) counts of Possession of Schedule I/II Drug, and Violate Conditions of Release.   Circuit Court Judge Les L. Lilley sentenced Krmpotich to 18 years and 12 months in prison with eight (8) years and 12 months suspended, leaving ten (10) years to serve.  This sentence greatly exceeds the recommendation of the Virginia State Sentencing Guidelines, which recommended a sentence no greater than five (5) years and nine (9) months in prison. 

Krmpotich previously pled guilty to these charges.  Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth's evidence would have proven that on December 12-13, 2016, Sarah Mary Krmpotich was in her home on Red Horse Lane in Virginia Beach.  The victim, Robert Demnicki, came over to use cocaine and ultimately decided to try heroin.  He was intoxicated when he arrived.  Demnicki picked up a needle filled with heroin but was unable to inject it into his arm.  Krmpotich inserted the needle into his arm but told him not to use the full amount because it was incredibly strong.  The victim then pushed the entire amount into his arm.  Shortly thereafter, he was unconscious and his eyes rolled back in his head. 

Krmpotich, who had been through nursing school, did not call for rescue.  Other people in the house put the victim into the passenger seat of his car and then drove the car to a nearby apartment complex and left it there with the victim inside.  One month later on January 12, 2017, Virginia Beach police found his decomposed body in the car.  The medical examiner determined Demnicki's cause of death to be combined ethanol, cocaine, and morphine poisoning (overdose).  An expert in forensic science would have testified that morphine is a breakdown element from heroin, which breaks down extremely quickly in the body, and that cocaine and morphine were found in his body at toxic levels.

Krmpotich was also found to be in possession of either heroin or cocaine in three separate instances in January, February, and June 2017. In June while on bond for the Possession of Schedule I/II Drug charge stemming from February, she overdosed.  To use drugs while on bond violated the conditions of her bond, which resulted in the charge of Violate Conditions of Release. 

Krmpotich has prior convictions for Burglary, Forgery of a Public Record, Credit Card Theft (3 counts), Obtaining Money by False Pretenses, Credit Card Fraud (misdemeanor, 2 counts), and a number of traffic offenses.

Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Thomas M. Murphy and Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Katherine E. Schuppin prosecuted this case. Please contact Macie Allen if additional information is desired.