Ride-Share Regulations

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

​Ride-Share businesses have become a popular means of transportation in our city, most notably at the oceanfront where they offer convenience and assure responsibility for patrons who may have consumed alcohol (and we appreciate those taking the extra precaution). 

We would like to remind both drivers and customers of these businesses though, of the rules and regulations that if not adhered to can cost you traffic summons and potential fines.

Drivers must be aware of all local driving laws; at the oceanfront this includes Atlantic Avenue, Pacific Avenue and side streets.  It is illegal to stop your car to pick up, drop off or idle in the trolley lanes on Atlantic Avenue, or in the traffic lanes of Atlantic Avenue, Pacific Avenue or side streets.  Doing so creates a serious traffic hazard for other drivers and the abundance of pedestrians that inhabit the oceanfront this time of year.

As a driver, you can be issued a traffic summons for stopping on a roadway (Virginia Code 46.2-888) and the passengers who beckon the ride share operator also face the possibility of receiving a summons for being a pedestrian in the roadway (Virginia Code 46.2-926).

These rules are in place, and are being enforced as a measure to protect foot-travelers as well as prevent traffic crashes. We wish to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation for all those who come to the beach this summer; Ride-Sharing the Right way can help us attain that!​