*UPDATE* Have You Been A Victim Of An Exposure Crime?

Thursday, June 14, 2018



In March 2018, Virginia Beach Police received numerous reports for a man who exposed himself and masturbated in front of several victims at Landstown Shopping Center. At the time, the man was unidentified and police actively continued their attempts to locate him. 

 In June 2018, there were two additional incidents of a person matching the description of the suspect in the same vehicle in Landstown Shopping Center exposing himself. 

A Virginia Beach Police news release was generated in an effort to locate more victims. With the help of the media, the police department received several calls related to similar events occurring in Landstown Shopping Center. 

The suspect has been identified as 24-year-old Imani Immanuel Smith of Virginia Beach, and a total of 10 charges have been obtained. (6 counts of indecent exposure and 4 counts of masturbation or simulated in public).

The Virginia Beach Police Department appreciates the assistance we have received from the media and public, which has provided information to help solve these cases. 

                                                 SMITH,IMANI IMMANUEL.JPG

Virginia Beach Police Investigators are warning citizens of an individual who has been intentionally exposing himself to women in the area of Landstown​ Commons Shopping Center.

The suspect, while sitting in a vehicle, will summons female passerby's to "ask for directions".  As the unknowing victim approaches the vehicle, the suspect exposes, and performs a sexual act on himself.  This is criminal behavior, and has been reported numerous times over the past several months. Investigators believe there may be many more victims who possibly are unaware that this behavior is a crime, or are unsure of how to report it.

 Detective Stoudt, with the VBPD Investigative Division is asking for any victim of such a crime to please call (757) 385-4101 to make a report.

MPO Linda Kuehn

Virginia Beach Police / ​Public Affairs Officer