Regional Approach to Flooding and Sea Level Rise Earns Smart 50 Award

Virginia Beach among Hampton Roads’ municipalities honored for StormSense Project

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The City of Virginia Beach, as part of the Hampton Roads' StormSense project, received a Smart 50 Award for its innovative approach to addressing coastal flooding and sea level rise. The award was presented during the Smart 50 Awards Gala held March 26, 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Hampton Roads' municipalities understand the significance of sea level rise and how devastating floods—whether due to high tides, storm surge or heavy rain—can be. We are making a concerted effort to introduce smart city solutions that will benefit our citizens collectively," said Peter Wallace, the city's chief information officer. "Regional cooperation is at the core of this award, which makes it an even more meaningful win. Virginia Beach is proud to work with local governments and organizations on these issues."

StormSense, a regional collaboration among several municipalities and researchers including the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), has garnered national and global recognition in recent years. The project uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to mitigate the impact of flooding by predicting flood events, building more resilient communities, enhancing emergency preparedness and strengthening disaster recovery efforts.

"Safety is the driving force behind StormSense. Our goal is to inform citizens about adverse weather and discover ways to protect homes, buildings and roads at risk of flooding," said Systems Analyst Sridhar Katragadda. "Working alongside municipal, research and academic partners helps position the region to better serve communities before, during and after flood events. We will continue to make the most of this momentum."

Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation and US Ignite partner annually to honor 50 of the world's most transformative smart cities projects through the Smart 50 Award program. This year, winners were identified in five main categories: governance, mobility, energy, citizen life and networks. StormSense was an award recipient in the networks category. Applications were judged based on key criteria such as current or future impact and connection to a municipality or similar partner. 


The Smart 50 Awards acknowledge the most transformative smart cities across the globe.

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