Got Suggestions for the Budget? Show Us – With Balancing Act

Citizens have four ways to propose changes, including a tool that lets users adjust individual spending and taxing levels

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

​City Manager Dave Hansen has presented the proposed FY2018-19 budget to City Council. Now City Council and citizens have the opportunity to review and make suggestions. Spend more money here. Lower a tax there.

Got a suggestion? Let us know. There are three options – Balancing Act, live public hearings and email.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is a website that lets citizens adjust the proposed 2018-19 city budget and suggest changes. Citizens can raise or lower individual taxes and raise or lower individual spending items. The only catch is that the budget must balance.

For every change in spending or revenue, there must be an offsetting change elsewhere. Lower taxes? Sure – just lower spending or raise revenues somewhere elsewhere to balance the budget. Want more money for a favorite service? Absolutely – just show where you'll get the money by trimming another service, or raise a tax or fee.

Leave comments and hit SUBMIT. The City Council will get all suggested changes and comments.

Another online tool, Taxpayer Receipt, estimates how much you pay in city taxes and what you get for your money. You can find it here:

Anonymously enter your age, income, value of your home and value of your car. The tool will show you an estimate of your total tax bill and where the money is spent. The tool calculates taxes on real estate and personal property, and estimates taxes on restaurant meals and sales based on age and income. It does not include fees for water, sewer, trash and storm water.

Public Hearings

The City Council will hold two public hearings:

  • April 25 – 6:30 p.m. Virginia Beach Convention Center

  • May 1 – 6 p.m. - 2401 Courthouse Drive - City Hall, Bldg. 1 2nd Floor - City Council Chamber

Comment by email

To send a comment to the entire City Council, contact​ 
To send a comment to an individual City Council member, find email addresses here.
Got a question? Send it to

Read the budget

To read the Executive Summary of the budget, click here.
To review the complete budget, visit

  • Open Budget – An online app that lets citizens review, compare, download, visualize and analyze data at the line-item level.

  • Full text of the budget – In three documents: executive summary, operating budget and six-year capital plan. Read the budgets in flipbook format or download PDFs.

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