Commonwealth v. Raymond Ernest Ellis; Violent Sex Offender Sentenced to 225 Years for Two Separate Attacks

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth's Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, announced today that Raymond Ernest Ellis, 65 years old, of the 200 block of Cassady Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was sentenced for charges of Robbery, Abduction with the Intent to Extort Money, Forcible Sodomy (2 counts), and Attempted Abduction.  Circuit Court Judge H. Thomas Padrick sentenced Ellis to serve 225 years in prison.  Upon pronouncing the sentence, Judge Padrick told Ellis, "You cannot function in society."

Ellis pled guilty on September 25, 2017. Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth's evidence would have proven that on the evening of January 16, 2016, a woman was getting into her car at the Four Seasons Restaurant on S. Rosemont Road.  She had her cell phone, wallet, and takeout food in her hands.  As she got into her car, Raymond Ellis approached her from behind and stated, "Get in the car, [expletive]!" He wore a dark coat and a stocking cap, and the woman was able to see gray hair showing under the hat and gray facial hair.  Ellis began poking the woman in the stomach repeatedly.  The woman continuously screamed for help until she was able to push Ellis backward.  She jumped into the driver's seat and locked the door.  Ellis fled the area.  When the woman got home, she noticed puncture holes in her jacket and blood on the stomach area of her shirt. Investigators showed her a photographic line-up a few weeks later, and she identified Ellis as her attacker. 

Shortly after midnight on January 26, 2016, a man went to the Wawa near the Four Seasons Restaurant on S. Rosemont Road to put air in his tires.  Ellis approached him and asked him for a ride.  The man agreed, and Ellis directed him to a parking lot off Rosemont Road by a dumpster. Ellis acted like he was going to get out of the van, but instead, turned toward the man and pulled a knife from his jacket.  Ellis put the knife to the man's neck and demanded money.  Still being held at knifepoint, the victim gave Ellis his bank card and PIN number.  Ellis demanded that the victim drive him to a nearby bank. The victim withdrew $600 and gave it to Ellis, who demanded the victim drive him back to the dumpster area on Rosemont Road.  Ellis forced the victim into the backseat of the van and sexually assaulted him, while still holding him at knifepoint.  He told the victim to write down his and his wife's address and phone numbers and stated that he would kill them if the victim reported the attack.  Eventually Ellis fled the van and the victim went home and reported the incident. 

Ellis has an extensive criminal record dating back to 1970.  He has prior convictions for Robbery (4 counts), Attempted Robbery, Rape (2 counts), Abduction with the Intent to Defile, Petit Larceny, and Disorderly Conduct.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Julie L. Fink prosecuted this case. Please contact Macie Allen if additional information is desired.