Mount Trashmore Skate Park Getting a New Look

Final design plan achieved through outpouring of community input

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The redesign for the Mount Trashmore Skate Park has been finalized after receiving a great amount of input from the local skate community. To enhance the experience and address the aging structures, in fall 2017, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation asked citizens to vote on two concepts and provide additional recommendations. The votes were almost evenly split between the two initial designs, but there were quite a few comments requesting changes to the types of materials and elements. Using the feedback gathered, American Ramp Company was able to come up with a design that incorporated those elements while fitting with the department's budget for the project and the weight limitations of the site itself. Construction on the facility will begin in late winter 2018 with hopes for completion by late spring.

The new design will have more of a skate plaza layout and incorporate materials made of both concrete and Skatelite. Some elements of the final design plan include:

  • A two-level half pipe, 5' & 6' heights, with an attached quarter pipe
  • 2.5' Roll over with grind rails
  • 5' Spine
  • 12' Concrete grind box with a concave edge
  • 16' Concrete grind arc
  • Cruz slant pad
  • A variety of rails and other concrete grind boxes

"The department is really pleased with the participation and feedback we received from the local skate community," said Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Interim Director Chad Morris. "We believe that the final design will accommodate the greatest number of users and provide something for all skill levels, while complimenting what we have at our other two skate facilities," Morris added.

Project Manager, Dean Bowles worked closely with the local skaters, including Hampton Roads native, Trey Hill who is also the general manager of one of the area's skate shops and has been skating for 15 years.

"I sincerely appreciate the Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation department for including me, as well as the rest of the Hampton Roads skateboard community, in their decision-making process to rebuild the Mount Trashmore skate park," Hill said. "I strongly encourage the skateboard community of Hampton Roads to be active participants in local government. I'm excited to see the new park, and I hope everyone has fun because that's what this is all about."

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