Prescription Medication Take Back Program…Success is in the numbers!

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

​Prescription drug misuse, abuse and overdose have reached epidemic concerns in many areas of the nation, and the Hampton Roads area has certainly struggled with this issue. In June of 2015, the Virginia Beach Police Department was among the first police departments in the area to take a pro-active step towards countering this issue and addressing this health concern by implementing a Prescription Medication Take-Back Program to help our citizens properly dispose of unused and unwanted prescription medications.   

The program encouraged the proper disposal of these drugs and discouraged the practice of throwing away these drugs, which can be found by others, and discouraged flushing unwanted/unused drugs down the toilet as they may affect the city's water system. Safe containers were placed at each of the 4 Virginia Beach Police Precincts (see below for more information). The program also sought to alleviate the temptation of keeping unused opioids or other common drugs of abuse in a medicine cabinet, where they may be abused or found by children.

Since the inception of the Prescription Medication Take-Back Program, the amounts of drugs turned in by citizens has increased significantly each year in the amount of medications collected.

  • 2015  -  1,227.5 pounds of medication collected
  • 2016  -  2,585.6 pounds of medication collected
  • 2017  -  3,138.5 pounds of medication collected

We wish to thank those citizens that have taken advantage of this program, and remind those who have not that we have permanent, medication drop off locations at all four police precincts.  For more information on what you can drop off and where, please visit the below link.