City Crews Working to Restore Normal Operations

Shelter at Landstown High School to Close Friday at 4 p.m.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Winter Storm #009 – 3:30 p.m.

Virginia Beach, VA – Jan. 5, 2018 – The City of Virginia Beach will shift from Essential to Modified operations beginning at 6 a.m. Saturday. The Aquarium will be closed Saturday while some other City facilities, like recreation centers and libraries, are expected to reopen. Details will be provided as soon as plans are finalized.

Public Works crews continue working 24 hours a day to clear 1,200 lane-miles of primary and priority roads throughout Virginia Beach.  In addition to 28 City trucks, we have supplemented with contracted services to put more than 60 trucks on the streets and an array of additional equipment to spread salt and sand as well as move snow and ice.

We are often asked why we don't plow residential streets? The reasons: With a city of 300 square miles, we do not have the resources (equipment or staffing); neighborhood streets pose significant hazards (narrow, on-street parking, limited or no turning space) that make it impractical and dangerous to work effectively, and risks of damage to personal property (mailboxes, vehicles, etc). We focus our limited City and contracted resources on clearing main roads and access to hospitals, fire and police stations and other critical care areas. We rely on natural melting to augment our clearing efforts.

Speaking of clearing.… We continue to urge people to stay off the roads if at all possible. If you do venture out, first clear your entire vehicle of snow and ice so that you can see out of all of your windows, and prevent snow or chunks of ice from blowing off, temporarily blinding other drivers or causing damage to vehicles.

Shelter: Based on the progress Dominion Energy has made in restoring power and after reviewing its restoration schedule and outage map, the City will close the Landstown High School emergency winter shelter today at 4 p.m.  The shelter opened up to Virginia Beach residents at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 3, and has served more than 25 citizens from across the city, due to the power outages caused by Winter Storm Grayson.  Power has been restored and the people have been transported safely back to their homes or other facilities. As temperatures will remain below freezing through the weekend, please check on elderly or homebound neighbors, family and friends to ensure they are well.

Space Heaters: The Virginia Beach Fire Department urges people to take these safety precautions when using a space heater or fireplace:

  • Never leave a kerosene heater on while you are sleeping.  Carbon monoxide build-up from the heater can be deadly. 
  • Be sure to plug electric space heaters directly into the wall socket.  Do not use extension cords with electric space heaters or surge protector boxes.
  • Remember the 3-foot rule.  Make sure the space heater is at least 3 feet away from anything combustible (curtains, bedding / furniture, clothes, etc.)
  • Do not put a generator inside the house, garage or in a closed space. Place the generator outside in a well-ventilated area and at least 20 feet from doors, windows and vents to prevent CO poisoning. Follow manufacturers' instructions.
  • If you are using a fueled space heater make sure to only use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer.  Never use gasoline to fuel a space heater that runs on kerosene. 
  • If you have a working fireplace, be sure to place ashes in a metallic or non-combustible container.  Wait at least 72-hours before throwing ashes away, as they can smolder for days. 

We will keep you informed.  Please follow the latest information on Facebook and Twitter, or call VB311 Citizen Services by dialing 311 within the city limits, or visit for online assistance. Winter storm emergency preparedness information and all news releases are available at Look for the hashtag #GraysonVB on social media. Please remember to call 911 for true emergencies only. For other inquiries 24/7, please call 385-5000 for non-emergencies and 311 for City information.

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