Increase of Counterfeit Money Being Used for Online Selling Websites

Friday, October 06, 2017

In the past month the Economic Crime Unit has seen an increase in the amount of counterfeit money being reported to the Department. The common theme we are seeing is the counterfeit money is being given to the victims by the suspects to complete a purchase from an online selling website. This includes sales via Facebook, Offer Up, Let Go and numerous other websites. The victims are selling high dollar items such as cellphones, gaming systems and computers. The suspects will agree to buy the item and when they arrive they will do a fast exchange with the victim of the money for the item being sold. Many times the suspects will not get out of the car and complete the transaction at the vehicle window. Once the exchange happens the suspect(s) will drive away before the victim realizes the money is counterfeit. The victim has then lost their item being sold and cannot use the counterfeit money.

We want to remind everyone that all 4 Virginia Beach Police Precincts are available as a safer location to conduct transactions from online sales. A person who is trying to steal from you will be reluctant to come into the police precinct to conduct a fraudulent transaction. See for more details regarding "Find a Safe Place".

If you do not decide to use a police precinct for the transaction we would recommend the following:

1 – Do not have the suspect come into or to your residence

2 – Conduct the transaction in a public place such as a busy shopping center

3 – Confirm you are receiving real money before handing over the item being sold