Virginia Task Force 2 Returns to San Juan

Monday, September 11, 2017

Over the past 72 hours, VA-TF 2 has been operational on two islands affected by Hurricane Irma.  On September 7,  the take force performed recon in San Juan and areas in east Puerto Rico.  On that afternoon, 11 members were air lifted to St. Thomas to perform search and rescue operations on St. Thomas.  The next day, September 8,  six more members arrived in St. Thomas and 18 members were airlifted to St. John.

​The two divisions performed hasty and primary searches of structures that were decimated by the intense storm.  Over the 72 hours of operations, teams in both St. Thomas and St. John performed targeted searches of over 2,000 structures.  The conditions were hot and humid, and with the unknown track of Hurricane Jose, the Taskforce was forced to work long days to accomplish their targeted searches.  Today, September 11,  all 60 members of VA-TF 2 are back in San Juan.  VA-TF1, from Fairfax, is now operational in St. Thomas, continuing the work that VA-TF2 started. 

All members are safe and receiving rest and rehabilitation because of the conditions in St. Thomas and St. John.