Virginia Task Force 2 Sends Additional Members to San Juan

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Thursday afternoon a decision was made to send additional personnel to San Juan.  Virginia Task Force 2 (VA-TF2) has deployed 16 more members in addition to the 45 people deployed earlier this week.  With the additional manpower, VA-TF2's presence in San Juan is closer to what FEMA classifies as a Type 1 deployment.  This classification typically involves about an 80-member team. 

Damage assessments are still being conducted in Puerto Rico and the nearby US Virgin Islands.  Depending on the need, VA-TF 2 could be asked to lend assistance to relief efforts on those Islands as well as Puerto Rico.  The team in San Juan reported sustained winds there last night at 65 mph with gust greater than 75 mph.  More than 1 million people were without power and flash flood warnings were posted as a result of heavy rainfall.  The members of VA-TF 2 including the canines are all well and in good spirits.

Please credit VBFD for any photos or video you may use that was taken by the Virginia Beach Fire Department's Multimedia Unit. These were shot at the Virginia Beach Fire Training Center this afternoon as the team was deploying. The VBFD is the sponsoring agency of VA-TF2, a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team. VB-TF2 members come from departments across Hampton Roads and the region.​