Public Utilities Warns Customers of Possible Utility Scam

Friday, May 26, 2017

Virginia Beach Public Utilities is issuing a warning about deceptive telephone calls that may be targeted to their customers by scammers. In this criminal activity, the caller may falsely claim to be calling from Virginia Beach Public Utilities. The scammer's caller-ID is falsified so it appears that the call originates from Public Utilities, a practice known as "spoofing."  This utility "representative" tells the victim they owe fines that need to be paid immediately.

Customers are reminded to do the following:

  • Ask questions and verify what you are hearing by checking your online account at or hanging up and then calling Public Utilities at 757-385-4631. If an account is overdue, Public Utilities provides multiple communications in writing before disconnection occurs.
  • Remember that we do not require payment over the phone and never demand immediate payment of cash, PayPal, any prepaid debit card, or any gift card to avoid disconnection. Payment by phone is only available by calling Western Union at 1-800-573-1147.
  • Collect information from the caller, including their name, and any phone numbers or other details before hanging up and reporting to Virginia Beach Police at 757-385-5000.