Operation Blessing "Snow Buddies" to Help Residents Who Need Assistance Shoveling Snow

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Once the storm passes, it will be time to clear residential sidewalks, driveways and vehicles of snow.

Snow Buddies Needed

Operation Blessing Snow Buddies will start assisting people Sunday at 8:30 a.m.  Residents who would like to volunteer should call Operation Blessing at 757-374-0944. Operation Blessing will provide snow shovels, tools, work coordination, lunch and an Operation Blessing t-shirt.

Residents who do not have the resources to shovel snow and need assistance may call Operation Blessing at 757-274-8650. This includes elderly citizens, people with disabilities and their caregivers, pregnant wives of deployed active-duty military, single moms and residents needing to make it to medical appointments.


  • The City does not treat or clean residential streets. The Department of Public Works maintains the city's official snow removal plan that includes maps that identify roadways that will be cleared and treated.
  • Please clear the tops of vehicles — not just windshields. Snow and ice on top of cars flies off, causing hazardous road conditions.
  • Reserve 911 for true emergencies. For other inquiries, call 311. 

Emergency preparedness information is available at www.VBgov.com/beprepared 

For up-to-date storm information, please visit www.vbgov.com/winter-storm, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CityofVaBeach and Twitter http://twitter.com/cityofvabeach, or call VB311 Citizen Services by dialing 311 on landlines within the city limits, (757) 385-3111 by cell phone, or visit www.VBgov.com for online assistance.