Hurricane Matthew Update at 10:00 p.m.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Closings and delays: Recreation centers will open at 9 AM tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 10).

Municipal Center: Because of a power outage, only buildings 2 (Public Works, Information Technology, Planning and Community Development, Public Works), 11 (Police) and 30 (911 and 311) will be functional in the municipal center tomorrow. Personnel assigned to work in those buildings should report to work as normal.

The Treasurer's Office in Building 1 of the Municipal Center and its other locations will all be closed tomorrow. As such, no shut-off notices will be processed tomorrow; no one who has received a notice of termination for non-payment will see any action taken tomorrow. When offices reopen, customers can make the necessary payment arrangements.

While personnel from offices in other Municipal Center buildings may be working from alternate locations, citizens should call ahead to find out whether an office is open. City department directors will determine whether personnel can work from another City office, work from home or make other arrangements. Offices that are functioning tomorrow may enact liberal leave for personnel who have issues associated with the weekend's storm. Personnel already approved for leave will be charged for leave as scheduled. 

Virginia Beach City Public Schools have cancelled the Teacher Work Day for tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 10). Schools already closed for Columbus Day Holiday as well as state offices and courts.

Signalized intersections: Around 149 intersections throughout the city are without power (down from 170 at 6:30 pm). As soon as power is restored, crews will be dispatched to reset the timing. With it getting dark, these intersections are even more dangerous. When you come to intersections with no signals, treat it as a 4-way stop. To improve safety, avoid making left turns at these intersections. Proceed straight until you can safely turn around or come to a signalized intersection that has power.

Conservation Needed for Sanitary Sewer System: The public water supply continues to be safe to drink. However, the heavy rainfall and power outages caused by Hurricane Matthew have impacted the system's ability to handle excessive waste water flows. Residents are urged to avoid unnecessary water use. Examples of this include postponing laundry and dish washing and refraining from flushing the toilet with every use. The Department of Public Utilities is working round the clock to fully restore sanitary sewer service. The public will be notified when to return to normal water use.

Power Outages: Reports of 55,000 customers without power, down from 72,000 at noon. Contact Dominion to report power outages (866) 366-4357. Do not operate portable generators, grills (gas or charcoal) inside your home. Treat all downed power lines as live.

Road Conditions: Many roads are impassable and conditions are still dangerous.

Police are urging residents and visitors to stay off the roads. The city will update the list of road closures and other emergency information on, Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

  • If you must drive, please heed road closure and high water signs.
  • SLOW DOWN – the wake from vehicles driving through flooded streets is pushing water into homes and businesses

Disabled Vehicles: We have reports of approximately 200 abandoned vehicles from areas around the city. Disabled vehicles that are impeding traffic will be towed at the owners' expense. Vehicle tow locations can be obtained through VB 311 (385-3111).

Damage Assessments: We are just beginning the assessment process, collecting the information we need to submit to the state as it compiles all reports to determine whether we have met the threshold for a Federal Declaration.

Report Damage: Renters should start by calling the landlord. If the landlord can't or won't help, call the city Code Enforcement Office at 385-4421 to come and inspect the property. Code Enforcement will then coordinate with the owner.

Homeowners should first contact their insurance companies. It's possible one can make simple repairs without contacting the city. If the house needs structural or electrical repairs, permits may be required from the city Permits & Inspections Office. 757- 385-4211.

Please go to and click on the Property Damage Form tab. The information is used to report to the state and federal governments for potential individual assistance programs.

Waste Collection: Residents should plan to adhere to the standard 4'X4'X4' piles for yard waste debris, making sure to keep the debris out of drainage ditches to prevent damming water flow. To schedule bulky item collections of flood-damaged household goods that do not fit into the collection bins, please call 757-385-4650 or complete the web form at under Curbside Services Link and Bulky Item Collection tab.

Shelter: The emergency shelter opened at 1 p.m. at Cox High School, 2425 Shorehaven Drive. We have reports of approximately 25 people.

Emergency Shelter for Animals: If you must take advantage of the shelter at Cox High School and have a pet, the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center will be open overnight to accept pets - 341 S. Birdneck Rd. If you can't make it to the ACAC, bring the pet to the Cox High School Shelter and a staff member with AC Unit will be there to accept your pet and transport it to the animal shelter. Bring any medications. There is no cost to board your animal in an emergency situation. When the Cox High School shelter closes, you must pick up the animal within 24 hours.

National Guard: Two high water trucks, 3 Humvees and 2 debris removal teams are at work.  

​Call 911 for emergencies and use 311 to report non-emergency issues or to seek additional information.