Virginia Beach Public Works Announces Road Openings

Friday, September 23, 2016

Virginia Beach Public works has announced the opening of roads that had been closed earlier in the week due to flooding:

  • Lynnhaven Parkway at Salem Middle School
  • Elbow Road from Salem Road to Roundhill Drive
  • South Independence from Princess Anne Road to Salem Road
  • West Neck Road at West Neck Bridge
  • Indian River Road from Princess Anne Road to West Neck Road

​The flooded roads and streets were a result of a storm that left rainfall totals for the city ranging from 10” – 16” between Monday evening and Thursday morning.

By Wednesday morning, the drainage system was full and had very limited remaining flood control capacity.  That resulted in 100% stormwater runoff – which means that every drop of water that was falling did not go into the ground, but simply ran off into the street and stormwater system.

The National Weather Service reported that there is about a 1% chance of a storm of this magnitude happening in any year.   Depending on where you live in Virginia Beach, you had anywhere from a 25-to-300 year event.