Virginia Beach Launches New Property Search Tool

Mobile app and online tool offers information on every property in the city

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Getting information on properties in Virginia Beach just got easier with the release of Virginia Beach Property Search. The city's new online tool and mobile app provides information on all 159,000-plus properties throughout Virginia Beach.

Get real estate data quickly and easily for every residential, commercial, agricultural and tax-exempt property at or via the mobile app for iOS and Android. You can search from a computer, tablet or phone using a street address, neighborhood name or ZIP code. To watch a video demonstration, click here.

The new tool is part of Virginia Beach's ongoing effort to use technology to be more innovative, open and transparent to residents and business owners. That effort will soon include a new Open Data portal, offering easy online access to many city databases.

"Virginia Beach Property Search offers all of the city's property information in one easy-to-use location," City Assessor Jerald Banagan said. "Residents, prospective residents, Realtors, appraisers and anyone looking to locate a business in Virginia Beach can use the tools to find just what they need."

Virginia Beach Property Search includes much more information than most commercial search sites. For every property, the tool offers a detailed sales history, year-by-year assessments, tax rates, annual taxes, year built, square footage of land and buildings, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and total rooms, internal and external features, schematics, aerial images, zoning, watershed, soil type, flood and noise zones, a downloadable plat and more.

The tool also provides information that wasn't available on the city's old property search site, including the nearest library, recreation center, park, fire station, police station, trash collection days, voting location and districts for the City Council and state legislature.

An interactive property map lets users draw areas to measure square footage or find an area's elevation profile. Interested in information on neighborhoods? Users can view subdivision boundaries and get sales information for homes within a subdivision and surrounding area.

To protect the privacy of property owners, at the direction of the City Council, Property Search does not include the owners' names.

"The city's old property search tool provided access to a limited amount of information and was cumbersome," said Matthew Arvay, the city's chief information officer. "With this new search tool, our development team built a user-friendly site with significantly increased functionality and new mobile apps to provide a wealth of information that was previously unavailable.

"As we continue to carry out initiatives outlined in the city's technology plan, we consistently strive to have the right technology in place to effectively serve the city," Arvay said. "We've developed a framework that readily supports new application development, and this new property search application ensures that anyone who may be interested in purchasing property in Virginia Beach has the tools and information to help them do so."

​Find the mobile app at the Apple store and Android store:



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