Virginia Beach Public Works Announces New Street Sweeping Contract

Thursday, August 25, 2016

​Public Works Operations has announced that the City’s contract for street sweeping has been executed and the notice-to-proceed has been approved. The sweeping operations started on Wednesday, August 24.

The Annual Renewable Indefinite Quantities Contract for Street Sweeping was awarded to DeAngelo Brothers, LLC of Hazelton, PA.  The total base bid was $2,448,844.

This contract will provide street sweeping operations for the City’s public streets using regenerative air sweepers. The goal is to sweep all of the public streets six (6) times per year on a bi-monthly basis.

This is the first contract of its kind in the City of Virginia Beach.  Public Works plans to implement the contract incrementally - starting with the arterial and collector roads and streets, and then adding the residential streets to the schedule.

The street sweepers will be operating on the city streets primarily between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Public Works will request that residents refrain from parking on the street during the week their neighborhood is scheduled to be swept.

Once the contractor begins sweeping the residential streets, they will begin updating the neighborhood schedule each week.  The contract roads are highlighted in blue and purple. As they are completed throughout the contract cycle, they will turn green.

To view which roads/streets have been swept, residents can access the Realtime Map at:​.  They can also visit the Questions & Answers (Q/A) section of our webpage, or call a toll-free phone number: (888) 300-3988.