Three Men Rescued This Morning in Back Bay

Monday, December 28, 2015

​Shortly before 6 a.m. today, Virginia Beach Emergency Communications received a report of boaters in distress in Back Bay. Three adult men were duck hunting when their small boat began taking on water and eventually overturned near Simpson Island, in the southern part of the bay. The 56-degree water was shallow enough for the three hunters to stand up in. Rescue boats from the Fire Department and the EMS Volunteer Marine Rescue Team were launched to assist.  A Coast Guard helicopter was also requested to help locate the victims.

Rescue boat crews experienced challenging conditions of rough water and winds of up to 25 mph. Emergency personnel on the shore maintained communications with the boaters via cell phones, but darkness and the size of the search area made locating them a challenge. The helicopter located them a few minutes before 7 a.m. The EMS boat arrived a few minutes later and brought the three men onboard. All were cold and wet, but uninjured. The EMS boat, escorted by the fire boat, transported the victims to shore, where they were turned over to medics. They were evaluated at the scene, but did not desire to be taken to the hospital.

Victims’ names are not available. Two men were Isle of Wight residents and the third is from Suffolk.

The City of Virginia Beach maintains a strong water rescue capability, with boats operated citywide by the Police, EMS and Fire departments. The city also maintains strong partnerships with the Coast Guard, Navy and lifeguard services. The EMS rescue boat used this morning is specially designed for operating in the shallow-water environment of Back Bay. It was staffed by volunteers from the EMS Marine Rescue Team.

No further updates are expected from this incident.

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