Searching the Virginia Beach City Website Just Got Easier

Monday, September 28, 2015

​Searches on, the City of Virginia Beach website, are now faster and more accurate.

The city’s Department of Communications and Information Technology recently upgraded the site’s search tool to Google Custom Search.

“The new search tool provides more thorough results, including thumbnails associated with the search results,” said Jason Hall, the city’s webmaster.  “Our goal is to provide customers an improved experience.”

Google Custom Search is also running on all City of Virginia Beach public-facing sites such as,,, and

“Providing citizens with better access and information is one of 32 initiatives in our Master Technology Plan,” said Matt Arvay, the city’s chief information officer.  “This year, we launched three new mobile apps that enable citizens to access city services, find city parks and events, and submit service requests via their mobile devices.  We also launched two open data sites, one of which is Open VB, a platform that enables citizens to access every operating budget and capital improvement plan in an easy-to-navigate visual format.  These are just a few of the many initiatives underway to provide citizens better access to information, particularly in mobile platforms."

The entire plan Master Technology Plan is posted on ComIT’s web page.


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