Dispose of Plastic Bags Properly

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The City of Virginia Beach urges residents to think twice about how they discard their plastic bags. If not disposed of correctly, plastic bags can wander all over the city, eventually finding their way into waterways.


Instead of plastic bags, the city encourages the use of reusable bags for shopping and carrying items. When plastic bags are used, they should be disposed of properly to help reduce waste and litter.


Plastic bags can be taken to local establishments such as grocery stores and the City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center. From there, they will be sent for recycling into new plastic bags and plastic lumber.


Plastic bags cannot be thrown in the blue recycle cart that is picked up at the curb because they are not the proper kind of plastic with a lid and pour spout. If recycling is not possible at the time, bags that are discarded in the trash should first be properly secured. They can be used to “Scoop the Poop” or filled with other debris to weigh the plastic bag down and avoid becoming parachutes in the wind when the container is dumped.


Carrying reusable bags, recycling plastic bags at stores and properly securing bags reduces the waste stream and helps keep our city clean and beautiful. For more information on how and where to recycle plastic bags and other products, please contact Public Works Waste Management at (757) 385-4650 or visit www.VBgov.com/wastemgt.



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