Virginia Beach Fire Department Supports Burn Awareness Week, Feb. 1 to 7

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

​The Virginia Beach Fire Department reminds everyone that Feb. 1 to 7 is Burn Awareness Week.

Burn Awareness Week teaches children and adults how to be responsible for their personal safety, and increase family awareness of potentially harmful situations. Burns are painful and devastating injuries that can impact quality of life for years.


This year, Burn Awareness Week is focused on preventing scald burn injuries.

  • Most scald burns (caused by hot liquids, steam or foods) occur in the home.  They are typically related to everyday activities — cooking, bathing and eating.

  • Every day, 352 children ages 18 and under are injured as a result of a fire or burn-related cause.

  • Scald burns are the most common burn injury among children ages 4 and under.  

  • Children's skin is thinner than that of older children and adults, and their skin burns at lower temperatures and more deeply.


In the Kitchen….

  • Keep children at least three feet from hot appliances, pots, pans or food.

  • Use spill-resistant mugs when drinking hot liquids around children.

  • Avoid using tablecloths or anything a child can pull on and cause hot food to spill.

  • When cooking, use back burners and keep pot handles turned towards the back of the stove.

  • Always tuck cords from appliances where children cannot reach them.

  • Never hold a child when cooking something hot.

  • Test and stir all food before serving children to make sure it is cool enough to eat.

  • Supervise children closely when they are in or near the kitchen.


In the Bathroom….

  • Always test the bath water with your hand before bathing children.

  • When children are in or near the bath, watch them closely checking the water temperature frequently.

  • The maximum recommended residential water temperature is 120˚F (48˚C).

For questions on burn awareness or other safety information, please contact the Virginia Beach Fire Department at or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


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