Commonwealth v. Sean Demario Garland; Juvenile Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Robbery, Burglary of Acquaintance

Monday, December 01, 2014

Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Virginia Beach, announced today that Sean Demario Garland, 19 years old, who previously resided in the 1500 block of W. Hastings Arch in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge H. Thomas Padrick for charges of Armed Robbery (4 counts), Statutory Burglary, Abduction with the Intent to Extort Money (4 counts), Conspiracy (3 counts), and Use of a Firearm (4 counts). Judge Padrick sentenced Garland to 43 years in prison with 23 suspended, leaving 20 years to serve.  Garland was a juvenile at the time of the offense, but his case was certified to the Circuit Court due to the serious nature of the charges.

Garland pled guilty on May 28, 2014. Had this matter gone to trial, the Commonwealth’s evidence would have proven that on June 28, 2013, Sean Demario Garland and his co-defendant Mark Coleman were at a 7-Eleven store when they saw an acquaintance of Coleman that they suspected sold marijuana.  The acquaintance had a friend with him. Coleman and Garland asked the acquaintance if they could buy marijuana, but instead, robbed him at gunpoint when he went to get it from his car.  Coleman then walked the victim into 7-Eleven at gunpoint and forced him to withdraw over $200.  While Coleman was inside, Garland robbed the victim’s friend at gunpoint.  Coleman and Garland then directed the victim to drive to the home he shares with his parents in the Landstown area. Garland took the victim into the house at gunpoint and stole more property.  Garland then forced the victim to wake his parents and robbed them at gunpoint.  Coleman remained outside of the residence, keeping watch over the second victim.  Coleman and Garland ultimately fled with electronics, jewelry, and money.


Police were alerted and spotted the defendants’ vehicle in the Scarborough Square neighborhood of Virginia Beach.  Coleman, who was driving, fled the officers and ultimately crashed.  He was immediately taken into custody.  Garland attempted to flee but was apprehended by a police K9. 


Mark Coleman is serving 18 years in prison for Robbery (3 counts), Attempted Robbery, Armed Burglary, Abduction with Intent to Gain Pecuniary Benefit, Conspiracy (3 counts), and Use of a Firearm (2 counts). 


The case was prosecuted by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Nickie L. Herron.  Please contact Macie Pridgen if additional information is desired.