Virginia Beach Public Works Re-Opens Elbow Rd. to All Traffic

Friday, May 30, 2014

Virginia Beach Public Works has announced that repairs have been completed on the Elbow Road Bridge, and that Elbow Road has been re-opened to all traffic.

Public Works closed the Elbow Road Bridge on Wednesday of this week when inspectors found a problem with corrosion of a structural section that reduced the bridge’s load capacity.

Earley Marine began repairs early Thursday afternoon.  They repaired the transfer beams and installed new steel plates and bolts.  While the original estimate for completing the work was 2-4 days depending upon the weather, crews were able to complete the repairs by Thursday evening.

Engineers from Moffat and Nichol inspected the repairs this morning, declared it safe and signed off on opening the bridge to traffic.  The load restrictions are set for the same as they were before the repairs: no overweight or oversized loads.

Public Works closed traffic around the bridge - between Salem Road and Round Hill Drive- Wednesday afternoon, and crews removed the barricades and signs and re-opened it this morning after the inspectors completed their work.