Expect Heavy Storm Surge Impacts on the Ocean and Bay Beaches and the Lynnhaven

Irene #021 – 1:45 p.m.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Storm surge from Hurricane Irene will be greater than that of Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and possibly equal to that of the 2009 November northeaster. Ocean and bay beaches will see a 4-to-6-foot surge coming on a high-tide cycle. Wave heights could reach 15 feet. The Lynnhaven (Eastern Branch, Western Branch, Broad Bay and Linkhorn Bay) could have a 6-to-7-foot surge, which could be near the elevations experienced during the 2009 northeaster.


Storm surge impacts on the oceanfront will be felt mid-Saturday morning, increasing through midnight. Storm surge impacts in the Lynnhaven will commence late afternoon Saturday and will increase throughout the evening. High water will begin to recede Sunday midday.


Waterfront residents are encouraged to complete preparations and consider evacuating if past experiences from Isabel and the 2009 northeaster established such a need.


We expect widespread power outages due to damage from sustained hurricane-force winds. Access into residential neighborhoods will be degraded due to downed trees. This will hinder public safety response times. Waterfront residents are encouraged to take advantage of city shelters open for evacuation support.


The following shelters will be open today and tomorrow:

Birdneck Elementary School – open Friday 6 p.m.

Landstown High School – open Friday 6 p.m.

Salem High School (for residents with medical needs) – open Friday 6 p.m.

Cox High School – open Saturday 6 a.m.

Field House – open Saturday 6 a.m.




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